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Kickstarter Campaign Fulfillment is Underway!!!

We are happy to report that we are finally working through the final stage of our successful Kickstarter campaign! It has been a very challenging time to source all the components required for MicroMolder and the process took about 8 months longer than we anticipated to reach this stage. However we are very excited to finally be at this point and we are shipping out units just as fast as our small team can get them assembled and tested. A huge thank you to all the super patient and supportive campaign backers!!! Without this group of people behind us we just wouldn't have been able to bring this project to the market!!!

If you have questions or comments regarding the campaign feel free to contact us at We expect fulfillment to take 6 to 8 months due to the number of units scheduled for assembly, testing and shipping.

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1 Comment

Gust Frit
Gust Frit
Jun 28, 2022

someone can help me.

I have a serial number 120820220522

I have a problem the led camp limit (-) is blinking, what do I need to do?

I press stop and it say ¨stop mode is active, can not home´



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